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Intensive Summer Fashion Courses


 Fashion Design & Fashion Styling Classes 


How Spend your Summer Vacation ?

Study Fashion in Summer 


Enjoy your Summer, with the Italian Abroad Summer Fashion Camps of Milan Fashion Campus 

A unique summer study fashion abroad experience, where young people meet for the passion of fashion design. One month of intensive program for students who want improve their skill or just want to discover the world of fashion in Milano

4-week course - Full Time- 96 hours has two lessons per day (morning and afternoon) COURSE COST: € 2,300 - Fashion Styling 3 Weeks

 Course of 2 weeks Course Full Time 48 hours has a lesson per day to choose (morning and afternoon) COURSE COST € 2,000

4-week course- Part time 48 hours- 2 lessons per day (morning or afternoon) COURSE COST: € 2,100

Milan Street Fashion

Summer Courses :

Duration 3 hours lesson - Classes are held from Monday to Thursday.

Morning: 9:30 am/ 12:30 am
Afternoon section: 13:45 pm/ 16:45 pm


Application Dates

Please note MFC Summer Program have a limited number of places that will be assigned on a first come - first serve basis.


Language: Italian, English

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List of Summer Fashion Design& Styling  Courses:



Women's Wear Design

Summer Fashion Design Women's Design Course

Draw Women's collections at professional level

The purpose of this workshop is to prepare students for a professional reality of the fashion world, the workshop is distinguished above all because it is not based only on theoretical study, but yes it is structured like a real apprenticeship.


Downloand One Month Woman Prêt a Porter Program


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Women's Fashion Styling

Summer FASHION Styling - Coordinator Course

 Coordinating & creating clear new fashion trends

This course will allow you to develop the sense of stylizing fashion suited for time, place and situation. 
If you were a costume designer or a styler of a movie, how would you dress the actors? If you had to dress a celebrity for a night out for an event, how would you dress her? Also there are always some items that never goes out of style, (such as the Little Black Dress) how would you stylize the item and make the most out of it for different occasions ? During the course the student will create a photographic Scrap Book. The book will then be used by the students as a personal portfolio presentation work ........ but above through the exercises you will be prepared to the real market needs.


 See a Sample of Virtual Web Scrap Portfolio

Men's Fashion Styling

Summer Men Fashion Styling Course

 Develop your sense of Style in Milan

Men’s Fashion Styling course ,will allow students to develop the sense of stylizing fashion with Italian taste.
This course gives to students a complete glossary of men’s clothing to obtain a general view on men’s
fashion world and then this goes deeper with description and identification of men’s fashion icons to
give our students an excellent preparation.


Men's Wear Design

Summer Menswear Fashion Design Course:

 Menswear collections at a professional level

The Menswear Design Course will allow students to develop the sense of taste that is needed to design clothes for men. Milan is famous for its best Menswear Collection. Learn how this city leads the worlds men’s collection through research and designing based on real clothes for men. The objective is the development of the creative talent of young people who plan to become professional fashion designers, widening their abilities through research and attentive observation for the creation of an innovative and individual fashion collection.


Accessories Design

Summer Accessories Design Course 

bags and shoes with the right proportions:

The Accessory Design Course will allow students to learn how to draw a handbags and shoes based on their own creativity as well as keeping the practical use of the item. This course will allow you to approach the world of Handbag & Shoe Design in a professional manner - designing paying attention to construction and materials targeting a certain type of market



Bridal Wedding Design

Summer Bride Wedding Dress Design Course

This bridal gown design course is not only dedicated for those who want to learn how to design modern Italian Style Wedding Dresses, but also for those who wants to improve his professional skills.
During the course the student will acquire the ability to draw the human body - to prepare themselves the basics of anatomical sketches – included in the course you will find also VIDEO TUTORIALS how to use Photoshop – you will also have to create your own Mood Board .


You will not only draw wedding dresses, but also Bags, Shoes, Gloves, Necklaces, Sunglasses, even the Lingerie that a bride would wear on her wedding.
The highly specialized program to study going into the smallest details.
This Wedding Design Course is even perfect for a woman who wants to marry and design her own dress.



Fashion Illustration

Summer Fashion Illustration Course:

 Developing your own fashion illustration style

The Fashion Illustration Course is not only the design or representation of a garment, but more of an art form. Also it is an alternative way for creative people that enjoy fashion and want to express in a different way how fashion design inspires them. In this course you will learn all about fashion illustration and how has it evolved throughout history, drawing technique of the human figure, uses and the theories of color, and many different ways of techniques to apply to the creations. During this time you will also start to develop your own style and building your own portfolio, that hopefully, can open a bright career path for you!


Lingerie & Swimwear Design

Summer Lingerie & Swimwear Design

Course Drawing Lingerie &

Swimwear at professional level:

The Lingerie & Swimwear Design Course will allow the student to acquire the ability to draw the human body preparing understanding the natural body line of a human body. Using programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, this course will allow you to create mood boards and technical drawings at a professional level. Learn how to present and propose your designs just like how designers would send their designs off to the factories.


Trend Forecasting

Summer Fashion Trend Forecasting 

Investigate and establish new season fashion trends

The Mood & Trend Forecasting Course will allow students to learn how to plan a product in relation to current trends. From the colour to the fabric to the silhouettes and the target concepts in relation to the fashion trends. The course requires to student become familiar with Photoshop & Internet researching trends. The student will collect information trough Internet - will make mood boards & written brief, to demonstrate their own interpretations of a theme and/or trend.


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